A Useful Collection of Must-Watch Videos About CSS

Here’s an updated¬†list of valuable videos about CSS to watch, dating from 2010 up to the present. A lot has changed, and lots changes quickly in the world of CSS and browsers, so as you know, what’s tops today may well-be out the door tomorrow.

But the materials discussed in these videos is pretty timeless(relatively) and free, and definitely worth your time to watch if you code with CSS.

Check out the videos on GitHub Here

Easy 3D CSS

If you want to build an object using CSS in 3D but don’t have the time to hand-code it, Tri-Div is a neat tool to use for prototyping, or making crude images with CSS. Everything is built using basic blocks, triangles, pyramids and tubes, so it’s pretty chunky. You can change the number of faces and smooth out some components, depending on how good you are and how much time you have. You’ll need some practice to fool anyone into thinking one of your creations is expert photorealism, though.

I made a 3d banjo pretty quickly: